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his hair is really hard 2 draw. rip me 


his hair is really hard 2 draw. rip me 


Can we just take a moment of appreciation for the Great  music in Zankyou no Terror .


Title: Zankyou no Terror Original Soundtrack
Artist: Kanno Youko

1. lolol
2. von (feat. Arnór Dan)
3. ess
4. saga
5. fugl
6. hanna (feat. Hanna Berglind)
7. veat
8. lava (feat. POP ETC)
9. walt
10. birden (feat. Arnór Dan)
11. Fa
12. nc17
13. is (feat. POP ETC)
14. 22 (feat. Ryo Nagano)
15. seele
16. lev low
17. ili lolol
18. bless (feat. Arnór Dan) 

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Oh… Oh really? Uh… Well then… Can you liberate me? [zone 1]

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We all like to talk about that “Running like Naruto" phase that all dorky weaboo kids go trough, but what we don not talk enough about is the later “Sitting and eating like L" phase that all dorky weaboo teenagers go trough

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Free! Eternal Summer || Ending Cards from episode 1-4

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Soap bubble.

i hit a small art block and couldn’t create anything new, so i coloured something old.

Ah PS: I got a twitter now if anybody wants to hear me whine.